Brightmark to Collaborate with Callum Ilott for the 108th Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

Indianapolis, IN (May 15, 2024) – Steinbrenner Management announced that Brightmark LLC, circular innovations company, is joining Callum Ilott for the Month of May and the 108th running of the Indianapolis 500.

With Brightmark’s first collaboration in sports, Brightmark®  and Ilott aim to raise awareness of the importance of everyone’s role in creating a fully circular environment to achieve a sustainable planet. Brightmark was founded by CEO Bob Powell in 2016 and has developed over 30 renewable natural gas (RNG) circularity centers as well their proprietary Plastics Renewal® technology.

To date, Brightmark has recycled over 2,000 tons of plastic waste at the first-of-its-kind plastics circularity center, which is located about 150 miles north of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Ashley, Indiana. Brightmark has utilizes a closed-loop approach  within their facility as the recycled plastics are converted into useful and valuable products.

Additionally, Brightmark operates a nationwide system of RNG circularity centers that create RNG from organic waste. These centers have reduced over 967,000 tons of carbon-dioxide equivalents  by creating  RNG from organic waste throughout the United States to date.

“I am incredibly pleased that Brightmark has chosen to join us this month for the Indy 500. It has been very exciting to see the growing focus and drive for sustainability in society and in motor racing and I am proud to be joining Brightmark on their journey to Reimagine Waste®.” – Callum Ilott, driver of the #6 Arrow McLaren Chevrolet

Being that we exist in such a carbon intensive environment in motor racing we are always looking for new ways to introduce new partners to our sport that make an impact in sustainability and can help reduce our footprint. Brightmark has made an incredible global impact in the Indiana community with their Ashley  Circularity Center just up the road, so I am excited to welcome such an innovative company to the INDYCAR community at the Speedway for the 108th Indianapolis 500.” – George Steinbrenner IV

“We are proud that through Steinbrenner Racing and Steinbrenner Management, we have created a space where companies that provide green energy and sustainability solutions have been able to enter our sport to share their message, build relationships throughout the INDYCAR community, and be recognized for their success. Brightmark has made such an amazing contribution to sustainability, and they have done it in the great State of Indiana, so it is only fitting that they take part in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” – Julia Steinbrenner

About Brightmark

Brightmark LLC is a circular innovation company with a mission to Reimagine Waste®., developing solutions that make a positive environmental impact on the world and communities where it operates. Brightmark’s established anaerobic digestion and proprietary Plastics Renewal® technologies make the company a veteran in a burgeoning marketplace. The company works across sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation to decarbonize operations, displace reliance on virgin fossil fuels, and solve circularity challenges at scale.

Committed to systems change in waste, Brightmark works collaboratively to address gaps where traditional methods fall short through its innovative closed-loop approach to recycling and renewables. To date, Brightmark has recycled 2,000 tons of landfill-bound plastics, and it has reduced more than 900,000 tons of CO2eq from the atmosphere through its utilization of anaerobic digestion. The company is also deeply committed to conservation, education, and sustainability career training by partnering with local and national organizations that help protect land and oceans. For more information, visit

About Steinbrenner Racing

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