A Pioneering Commitment to Sustainability

Thinking Steinbrenner and green likely evokes thoughts toward a pristine manicure of the playing surface at Yankee Stadium.  While certainly green of its own right, a far greater commitment to being green is integrated into virtually every aspect of stadium operations.  A directive by the Steinbrenner family to “do the right thing, be a positive example for our community, our borough, city and Major League Baseball” drives sustainability and environmental accountability initiatives as a foundation member of the Green Sports Alliance.  A first of its kind in professional sports, Dr. Allen Hershkowitz was named in 2019 as Environmental Science Advisor to lead continuing efforts surrounding sustainability practices at Yankee Stadium and related facilities.

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A “Going Green” Commitment to Motorsport

George Steinbrenner IV is the youngest team owner in the NTT INDYCAR Series.  He is the youngest-ever race and pole-winning team owner in INDYCAR and is committed to following the lead of INDYCAR in having announced a planned move to implement single-source hybrid systems beginning in 2023.

Influenced by a family commitment to sustainability along with his own long-term view of taking earth-friendly actions both personally and in business, an ambitious aim of bringing green to racing includes:

  • Running an alternative fuel transporter and companion generator to achieve a carbon-neutral (or better) transportation footprint
  • Helping to implement comprehensive recycling programs across the INDYCAR landscape, including racing venues
  • Leading an effort to implement green power at campsites across the INDYCAR schedule where camping is prevalent

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