Partnership Overview


Racing is expensive, niche marketing


Racing is marketing fuel, adding speed to a variety of KPI’s across multiple departments that yield measurable results while reaching a loyal and growing audience along with building meaningful business relationships.


Few marketing avenues offer the ability of touching multiple key initiatives and build new business while providing an unparalleled and exclusive “backstage” experience for team partners and invited guests.   

A unique avenue for creating meaningful outcomes, a collaborative and cohesive effort of understanding the KPI’s and vision of each partner is our guiding principle.


Much more than a fast billboard, the assets of motorsport partnership are designed for building unique and adaptable use for each team partner. Key partner assets include:

  • Integrated visibility across team assets – on, near and off the race track
  • Memorable “in the locker room” and exclusive access to team and personnel during race event weekends
  • Team IP rights to name, marks, imagery and likeness
  • Dedicated team personnel to assist with planning, activation and maximizing partnership assets
  • B2B opportunities from within the team, series and extended partner ecosphere
  • Media, PR and organic content creation
  • Appearances at special company and partner events
  • Co-branded merchandise opportunities


With considerable experience in activation and optimizing assets, our team becomes an extension of yours in designing and executing programs to drive measurable results.  Examples include:

  • Sales & Business Development
  • Partner, Investor and Vendor Relations
  • Engaging and rewarding customers and employees
  • Collaborative philanthropy
  • Brand awareness based on a meaningful integration
  • Custom video: social media, trade show messaging, product messaging, customer invitations, product messaging and more

For more information about Partnerships with Steinbrenner Racing contact Daniel Wale at [email protected]